The Laundryman has over 15 years of experience serving hotels, retailers, restaurants, nursery and even more. Your clothes will be in good and experienced hands.

What do you expect in a laundry service? You expect to get, first of all, your clothes properly washed and taken care of at an affordable price. That is exactly what The Laundryman app is for! We have opened a new center recently in the west of London, one that is closer to Bondstreet. As such, you do not have to wait for a long time for your pickup and delivery! With just a click on your phone, we are at your doorstep in no time to take your clothes. You just have to create an account and you will be able to enjoy all of our services. There will be no need to tire yourself anymore with laundry. No need to find time for it as well. You can focus more on work, family or your loved ones or you can enjoy your time by taking care of yourself and having more me-time.

Your clothes will be carefully washed. We are equipped with the best of the cleaning agents, powder and liquid. These include:

∙ Detergents
∙ Soap
∙ Bleach
∙ Laundry Booster
∙ Stain remover
∙ Optical Brighteners
∙ Fabric Softener
∙ Water Softeners
∙ Shampoo
∙ Home Remedies

Each of these products have their own specialty and their effectiveness are guaranteed. We take care of all types of clothes you have and use the best of our products to clean them and, also make them smell good. After our laundry service is done with your clothes, they will look as good as new! For that, we also make sure that we wash clothes of different colors separately, to ensure that no clothes get stained or change color.

We all know that clothes are an important part of our lives. Our outfits can help us look professional and make us confident. They provide a good image to the people around us; telling interviewers that we are well groomed and the right person for the company. After all, the appearance of an employee also reflects the appearance and judgment of their employer. The Laundry Cleaning Centre understands the importance of clean, fresh and properly ironed outfits in all aspects of life.

The pricing for our laundry services is in terms of laundry basket per kg. We also have separate categories for bath towels (hand), bath towels and bathmat. Our prices are the most affordable in many cities in UK and based on customer demands and support we were able to have another Laundry Cleaning Center near your home.

The Laundryman App partnered with the Laundry Cleaning Center, will make life easier for you. We are at your service. With our app in your phone, you can rock the world with fresh outfits!