Is your laundry piling up and you can’t seem to find the time to do it? Do you keep looking for clothes that do not need ironing to wear every day? Did you ever lean over the ironing board and sweat while having to iron your clothes in summer? It is very uncomfortable indeed. Well, you do not have to worry anymore!

Our Laundryman app also provides the option of ironing your clothes after washing and drying them. Our employees remove all the stubborn wrinkles and shrinkage of the garment. You might think that ironing gives a fresher and cleaner look to clothes. You are right! It also makes you look more professional and put together.

One another very important advantage of ironing your clothes is that ironing kills any germs and bacteria that might’ve accumulated there while drying. It also prevents shrinkage of your clothes and help to make them last longer. It is very economical indeed. Ironing also helps to remove bad smell.

Ironing can be very tricky especially because many clothes are made up of different materials and not all materials can be ironed at the same temperature. They all must be catered for carefully. The Laundryman App partnered with Laundry Cleaning Center, provide appropriate ironing services for all types of clothes and give more attention to those made up of delicate materials such as silk, wool, chiffon, lace and others. We have modern and state of the art ironing machines that make sure that there is no damage caused to any cloth while it is being ironed. On top of that, our employees are very experienced. They can handle your clothes perfectly.

All these advantages are provided by our Laundryman App. Excellent services are just one click away on your phone. The prices are very affordable and are all displayed on our Laundryman App for transparency. We have divided ironing in different categories to make it easier for you to choose. Usually, ironing services for most clothes are displayed per kg. However, for better content, we have also included the separate prices for each garment such as trousers, suits and dresses as well as skirts.

Another cool option we have included for your comfort is to fold or to hang. We provide both services as well as hangers. Your clothes are delivered in such a way that you do not need to iron again. They will be ready to wear. Our aim is to make your life easier and at an affordable price. If you want ironing services near you, download our app and click in the leisure of your home. We will pick up and deliver your clothes on time for you. You will be rocking your outfits and your confidence with the Laundryman App.