Shirts and other sorts of tops play a huge part in our daily wear. Most of us wear shirts or blouses on skirts or pants or even jeans. We style out outfits however we want it and how we are feeling on that particular day. In other words, shirts and tops are worn more than any other garments in our daily life. After all, they are easier to style, and they can be used for a classic or casual or semi-casual wear or event. And we love to play with style!

As we all know, our shirts and tops are made up of different cloths, some silk, cotton, wool and many others. We have a variety of clothes to match our taste and different occasions. Alone, it is a bit of a challenge to take care of all those garments especially when you must wash them and to iron them. As you must know, we, at the Laundry Cleaning Center, are experts at taking care of all types of clothes. Tops are no exceptions, of course! We separate your tops into categories.

The categories are simple, but they provide us with accurate information so that we can treat your clothes perfectly. We can choose to wash using water or to dry-clean depending on the material of the top. The colours are also appropriately separated as we do not want a colour leak to occur. You can trust us with all your tops. After washing them separately, we dry them properly and iron them. Ironing is also a tricky part. We have all accidentally burnt one clothe in our life just because we put the iron on the wrong setting or because we simply miscalculated the ironing. However, at our company, our experienced employees know exactly how to iron the clothes using appropriate gear as well. We are equipped with the best. If you want your clothes to be folded, our employees take care of it or if you prefer, we can place them on a hanger for better convenience.
You will find on our app, The Laundryman App, the cost of the cleaning, dry-cleaning as well as ironing. We have also included the prices for two-piece suits and three-piece suits. We have categorized what we can for better transparency.
Do not hesitate! We are at your service. Download our app and you will have nothing to worry about. Your clothes will be as fresh as new at your doorstep at your convenience. We work for the comfort of our clients. You will be rocking your outfits and your confidence with the Laundryman App.