About Us

Our Story

The Laundry Man App, with more than 15 years of experience, have helped its customers look their best and save time by providing high-quality services for all their laundry needs, including dry cleaning, ironing, folding, alterations, and repairs. We also provide a free collection and delivery service for those who prefer their items being picked up and delivered to their door, fresh and clean.

Why choose The Laundry Man App?

Dedicated Mobile App

Our app is specifically optimized for Android and IOS devices to make bookings fast and easy, giving you the smoothest experience possible. Just download our app from PlayStore or AppStore, choose the service needed, and book your collection and delivery slots.

Specialist Cleaning Teams

Quality is the main focus at The Laundry Man App. No matter if it’s a fancy suit or a casual pair of Jeans, we ensure that all items are finished to a high standard.

All items are processed at our own premises, making sure that our experts look after your most delicate items.

Rest assured that your clothes will look amazing when we deliver them to you.

Affordable Service

High-quality services at affordable prices. Everyone has the right to use and enjoy our services. That is why at The Laundry Man App all prices are fixed and displayed on our App. No hidden delivery fees and you will not be charged extra for how far you live, or for any additional service that you might need.

Delivery and Pick-up

We are trusted to offer a free reliable and efficient pickup and delivery service for your laundry. At The Laundryman App, we have your back. You’ll see it when the driver waits an extra 10 minutes when you’re delayed getting back home from work, or when we reschedule according to your availability.


Every customer is treated fairly at the Laundry Man App. We keep our promises, and we do our best to support you. We work hard to ensure that the customer does not only love our service but also trusts our team.

If you are searching for laundry and dry-cleaning services that you can trust, make sure you choose The Laundry Man App.