Bed sheets, covers, comforters, pillows, blankets, and many others, are very difficult to wash. They are first of all very bulky and thus take a long time to, not just wash, but also to dry. We relieve you of the task and take care of your bulky beddings and duvet. Traditional washing and hanging them outside to dry makes them a vulnerable place for mold and mildew colonies.

As they are quite bulky, these materials need to be dry-cleaned most of the time. They are easier to wash that way. Dry-cleaning does not affect the material of your beddings and as such after being dry-cleaned, they look better, fresher without sagging! This way of cleaning also prevents them from shrinking. It is also a fast process as it takes care of the drying as well so you do not have to worry about waiting for a long time.

Other than cleaning, do we know exactly how often we should be cleaning our comforters or other beddings? What are the benefits of cleaning the beddings? First and foremost, cleaning gets rid of bacteria and germs. A cleaner bedding also feels more comfortable. It has been proven that cleaning and changing your bedding every week increases your efficiency up to 30%. It also helps to put you in a good mood which also helps boost your work efficiency.

Materials that are better for bed sheets are silk, Egyptian cotton, supima and pima. These materials are incredibly soft and comfortable. They also adapt well for use over the years.
As for pillowcases, the best materials are cotton, nylon, silk, linen and satin. Satin and silk are also beneficial to your skin and your hair.

In our Laundryman App, we have arrange everything into categories for you to see and choose whichever option you need. We have used the categories including the size of the bed sheet as well and we have placed the pricing for transparency.

Our experts have made it easy to use the Laundryman app and to choose the options from it. We also accommodate our schedule to pick up and deliver the parcels whenever you feel most comfortable. Just with a simple click on your phone and we will take care of the rest. Our laundry services will do their best and you will, for sure, forget about other services and the time when you had to do your laundry yourself. We aim to please and we aim to make your life easier at the Laundryman App.