All of us can relate when we say that there are a couple of clothes in our closet that do not fit us as perfectly as we want and because of that, unfortunately, we cannot wear those outfits. We can only imagine how good we would look if they did fit us as we imagined. And so, the clothes remain forgotten in our closet, only occasionally reminding us of the money we spent on it. But no more!

We, at the Laundryman App, take care of any alterations that need to be done on your clothes. You only have to input your data and send it to us. If you want to be there in person, you are most welcomed. Our employees will listen to any request you have. You can add your own personal touch and clear any misunderstanding for better fitting!

Our tailors and seamstresses are among the finest and very experienced in UK and in their hands, your clothes are guaranteed to come out beautiful and more fitting to your morphology! Wether be it a sleeve that needs to be loosened or shortened or a suit that need to be adjusted or if you need to bring in or out the waist, they will do their best to patch up everything. You will be rocking those outfits and being on top of your self. It has been proven that someone who feels good in what they are wearing has a 10-20% increase in their efficiency at work as they are not doubting themselves and explore every possible way to finish their work brilliantly. You can say that your confidence wearing certain outfits that look good on you mirrors your work! After all, we all need to believe in ourselves in one way or the other.

For repair, you do not have to worry about any hole or rip. We will repair them for you. Buttons and zippers that need to be replaced will be taken care of by our experienced employees. You might think to yourself that it is of no use to repair some clothes but getting your clothes adjusted by our tailors and seamstresses will prevent them from going to waste. Your favourite pieces will last longer with repair! We work hard towards making sure that your clothes will be returned as good as new. They will also be more comfortable and ready to wear.

Repairing old clothes is also beneficial to the environment as there are less clothes in the landfills. This is sustainable as it helps to reduce greenhouse gases by 24%. Isn’t it a great way to help protect out planet and to keep it clean and safe?

Do not overthink it! Our repair and alteration option is right there on your phone. Try it once and if you like it (as we are sure you will), use it whenever you need.