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Laundry is the task that the vast majority of UK citizens cite as their least favourite when asked about household chores! When their washed clothes come out of the dryer, some people may find it monotonous to iron them all, while others may find it difficult to distinguish the whites from the darks. In any case, the majority of people believe that if given the chance, they would cheerfully avoid the task of laundry! The Laundryman App is here to help you with that task. Here are all the reasons you should prefer going to a laundry service near me rather than doing it yourself. Now dry cleaning services have advanced enough that you barely have to move a muscle to get your dirty laundry cleaned! With just a few taps on your phone you can order a laundry or dry cleaning service in Manchester, Leeds and other cities of the UK.

Here are a few benefits of using our laundry service:

Dry cleaning Manchester

Dry cleaning Manchester


Laundry services that also fold the clothes have come to represent convenience. Imagine being able to order laundry services online, and in just one day, your clean, fresh clothing will be delivered to you, ready to hang in your closet or be folded neatly and put in your drawers. The days of examining care symbols, feeling hopeless about yet another item on your list, and generally juggling tasks at home and at work are long gone. Simply download The Laundryman App, decide which services you want, and pick a pickup and delivery window that works for you. Since we want your life to be as hassle-free as possible, we adapt your schedule. We try to make things easy for you and cater to your convenience.


Affordability today is a highly individualised concept that also depends on how much you are ready to spend on convenience. Even though outsourcing your washing and drying can help you save money on other expenses like fabric softener, detergent, and electricity, some dry cleaners demand a hefty fee, especially when you take into account pick-up and delivery fees and spike fees for after-hours cleaning. It is a good idea to shop around for a business that offers high quality services at a price that is affordable for you. Some laundry firms provide reward cards or loyalty points programmes that might help you save money over time.The Laundryman App, however, offers amazing discount offers and coupons to their customers. This makes your weekly laundry service trips all the more better, affordable and light on the budget!

Exceptional Quality of Work

Have you ever gotten laundry wrong? Have you ever unintentionally washed your clothes with too much soap and ended up with stiff clothes? The expert services provided by laundry businesses might put an end to your laundry difficulties. They have professionals that can clean your clothes to a high standard using efficient washing methods. They can also determine which cleaning technique is appropriate for a particular fabric type. So you can relax knowing that the clothes you receive have been completely cleaned and are stain-free.

Whether it’s a fancy suit or a casual shirt, our specialised cleaning teams prioritise quality of work. All goods are cleaned and dried properly.


Consumer Assistance

Our staff is trained to maintain an environment that is both extremely professional and welcoming. Regarding our customer service, every single one of our clients has expressed happiness. We make an effort to maintain a friendly and cooperative attitude. Doing laundry is a nice and safe activity for everyone. Additionally, you can rely on us to handle your clothing with the respect that we believe it deserves. If you have any complaints, our knowledgeable and accommodating customer service will be there to answer your questions and see that your issues are resolved.

Special Laundry Requirements 

Professional wash and fold service providers can readily handle difficult stains or delicate materials because the majority of them also provide dry cleaning. A professional firm will advise you ahead and some may even tailor their cleaning techniques for you if your garment calls for it. They might make use of hypoallergenic or even eco-friendly detergents. You can occasionally include additional washing instructions. Since the Covid-19 epidemic, good, respectable companies have also ensured that no two orders are combined.

In Leeds, Cheshire, and Manchester, our laundry and dry cleaning service has been putting in a lot of effort. These cities, along with many other cities in the UK, can use our services. You can use all of our services after placing an online laundry service order on The Laundryman App, and we’ll make sure you’re happy with them. We sincerely hope you rely on The Laundryman App. As our other customers have experienced, you will undoubtedly be pleased and confident with the results of our services. This is where you should go the next time you need your laundry washed quickly.