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The majority of today’s working class cannot complete their laundry and other important jobs in a 24-hour period. Laundry and dry cleaning shops have started springing up all around as a result. If you live in Cheshire or Leeds and are unable to find a great dry cleaning and laundry facility nearby, we are here to help. The Laundry Cleaning Centre can help you locate laundry and dry cleaning services in these UK cities.

The Laundryman App

A dry cleaning and laundry service in Cheshire, The Laundry Cleaning Cenre, is partnered with this app.  The Laundryman App is always developing and adding new features to make your laundry experience as pleasant as possible. We only use the finest products and the most knowledgeable staff to take care of your clothing. Your chosen time and place are used for the collection, cleaning, and delivery of your garments. In addition to other cities, they offer laundry services in Harrogate, Manchester, and Leeds.


Laundry Service Cheshire

Laundry Service Cheshire

The Laundry Cleaning Centre

The Laundryman App is connected with The Laundry Cleaning Centre. This laundromat provides exceptional services and guarantees a top-notch experience. You can place an online order to have your laundry picked up and delivered. Free pick-up and delivery are offered by them. The Laundry Cleaning Centre is the place to go if you’re looking for any dry cleaning services in Leeds that are close by. They guarantee that your clothing will receive the greatest care possible and come out smelling great. Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, London, and Cheshire are all active locations for The Laundry Cleaning Center.

Here are a few places in Cheshire and Leeds that offer free collection and delivery services for your laundry:


One Stop

In the midst of the epidemic in Cheshire, this laundry and dry cleaning service is completely active and provides contactless collection and delivery for your clothing. You only need to choose a pickup and delivery time on their website, and you’ll have clean clothes back in a day or two! They offer the same services as every laundromat. Furthermore, they can also clean your shoes for you. They have the tools necessary to clean bedding, curtains, and duvets. This location is a wonderful choice if you require dry cleaning for your clothes because they offer an environmentally friendly dry cleaning service.

Hartford Dry Cleaners 

Since its founding in 1982, Hartford Dry Cleaners has earned a solid name in the Cheshire and UK laundry markets. Along with Tony Wilson’s ongoing advice, who has been in the business for more than 50 years, we have years of expertise. We offer professional guidance on how to take care of various fabric kinds and handle difficult sorts of stains as Cheshire’s top specialised dry cleaners.

Your clothing is the most significant and observable aspect of your personality, whether you are attending a wedding of a loved one, a business trip abroad, cocktails with old friends, or a wedding overseas. Additionally, Hartford Dry Cleaners guarantees that every dress or article of clothing, whether made of 100% cotton or 100% silk, will undergo a comprehensive inspection, grading, and treatment before final cleaning.

Cheshire Elite Laundry

The best ironing service in Cheshire is offered by Cheshire Elite Laundry. Duvet washing is another one of their offerings. Of course, all the necessary laundry services are also available at this dry cleaning service. They look after your clothing and ensure that it is returned as clean as a brand-new item! They also offer dry cleaning leeds and laundry as part of their services. As a result of their excellent customer service, you can trust both their people and their services.


Cardigan Road Dry Cleaner

Their laundry and dry cleaning service near me provides outstanding services and makes sure that every customer is thrilled with the results. They offer dry cleaning services for clothing that shouldn’t be washed in water. They effectively remove any stains and spots from your garments by employing the finest liquid solvents with the most delightful aroma. Their diligent crew makes sure to get rid of all stains from your clothing and leave it looking as fresh as new! After that, they fold and straighten your clothing before giving it back to you. They perform commercial dry cleaning under contract with businesses.


Moortown Dry Cleaners


Leeds has a specialist dry cleaning shop called Moortown. They clean a wide variety of items, including curtains, duvets, dress shirts, suits, fur coats, ugg boots, and, of course, bridal gowns. They provide fantastic dry cleaning services. You can file a complaint on their website if you choose. They won’t even give you a chance to criticise their superb cleaning or their impeccable work ethics, though!


Bright Wash Launderette and Dry Cleaners

In Leeds, Uk, there is a laundry and ironing service that covers all your laundry needs at an affordable price. It offers all the services required for your clothing, including laundry, dry cleaning, ironing, folding, mending, and alterations.

They complete their tasks in four easy steps. You pack your clothing; they pick it up, wash it, and then give it to you folded and clean. Their dry cleaning service close to me is preferred by all of their clients. Additionally, they are prepared to handle your wedding gowns!

A very reliable laundry services in Leeds and Cheshire is The Laundry Cleaning Centre. It also has a self service Laundromat for when you want to clean your laundry yourself but do not have the machinery or the products to do it at home.

These are some top-notch laundromats and laundry cleaning facilities in Leeds and Cheshire near me in UK, that will return your garments to you spotless! The Laundry Cleaning Centre has selected the nearby laundry and dry cleaning businesses near me with the best testimonials from clients. They’ll see to it that your work is simplified and that you obtain clean garments without any fuss.