Mishaps are a part of our daily lives, right? They can, however, ruin our clothes, even the favourite ones! When it happens, it’s super heartbreaking and can cost you a bunch to replace the ruined items. Luckily, The Laundryman App is here to change all that for you! It brings you professional alterations and repair services in Salford that can restore your garments to pristine conditions, fix all damages, and make all necessary changes to return your clothes to a perfect fit!

Clothes damage is pretty common across all ages, no need to beat yourself up about it or despair about your favourite garment. Even protective clothes like work suits also suffer damage in the process of doing work. As such, discarding any damaged clothing is out of the question! The Laundryman’s alterations and repairs in Salford services are fully prepared to do your clothes repairs and save you the cost of having to replace them or the pain of trying to play with threads and needles!

ALL Laundry Services under one Roof!

Laundry needs change from day to day, and we are dedicated to meet them all! The Laundryman App allows you to enjoy a wide range of services to cater to all your daily laundry demands, from repairs to ironing services, all under one roof! No need for you to run around seeking each service individually. We offer competent one-stop-shop laundry services in Salford, serving all your needs from ironing services to alterations and repairs.
The Laundryman, however, can restore your garments to their perfect fit with our amazing alteration and repair service in Leeds.

Why choose The Laundryman App?

There’s absolutely no doubt that we are the best alteration and repair service in Salford and here’s why; Always convenient!
Is your daily schedule busy, and you can’t find the time to visit your nearest alteration and repair service in Salford? No worries, we got you covered! The Laundryman App enables users to book a convenient pick-up time for their clothes that needs alterations or repairs. You can relax or attend to your normal business, and our delivery team will come and collect your laundry for whatever service you need to be done. All you have to do is choose a time slot that is convenient for your daily itinerary. Now, that’s convenient!