Have you ever ruined your favourite shirt or costume long before you were done with rocking it? Such pain is real, and having to part away with your favourite clothes so abruptly can be heartbreaking, not to mention a waste of money indeed! The Laundryman App is here to change all that for you! You can now access top-class repair services in Leeds at the click of a button!

In case you’re wondering why we are the best alterations and repair service in Leeds, there are a few critical qualities that you should know about the Laundryman App;

Ever-day convenience!

Don’t have time to lug your clothes into our shop? No worries, we got you covered! The Laundryman App enables users to book a convenient pick-up time for their clothes that needs alterations or repairs. No need to take time out of your busy schedule or disturb your mellow time; the Laundryman App brings you all your desired services right to your doorstep!

One-stop-shop services!

We understand that our clients have different laundry needs from one day to another. As such, The Laundryman App allows you to enjoy a wide range of services to cater to all your daily laundry demands, from repairs to ironing services, all under one roof! No need for you to run around seeking each service individually. Instead, you can relax and let us repair your clothes, wash them, and iron them all in one go!
The Laundryman, however, can restore your garments to their perfect fit with our amazing alteration and repair service in Leeds.

Longer Life for your clothes

Our daily activities at home or work can easily pose a damage risk to our clothes. Even protective clothes like work suits also suffer damage in the process of doing work. Surely, however, we can’t throw away every piece of clothing or fabric because of a small tear. And, who really has the time or experience to fiddle around with needles?

The Laundryman’s alterations and repair services are fully prepared to do your clothes repairs and save you the cost of having to replace them. Besides regular damage, our clothes also suffer from the personal changes and growth that we go through each day. The more you lose weight with your new exercise routine, the less your clothes fit you properly. If you happen to be bulking up for one reason or another, your clothes will also cease to fit. Both scenarios will create a lot of discomfort for your body and easily ruin your wonderful fashion sense.