Laundry Room Hacks to Improve Storage | The Laundryman App

Laundry rooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While some homes have a separate room just for washers and dryers, others could just have a small, limited-use room or closet. The requirement to store products like hampers, ironing boards, and detergents is the one element that every laundry room has in common. Y can easily organise your supplies and clothing with these innovative laundry room storage options that The Laundryman App will provide you with.

Take a cue from our laundry organisation suggestions if you’re having trouble fitting everything into your laundry room. You’ll have plenty of ideas to organise the area and perhaps—just perhaps—enjoy the task a little bit more. These ideas range from straightforward DIY projects to changing the design of the room and everything in between.

Storage for Compact Areas

Take storage as high as you can with innovative shelving because you can’t afford to squander any area in a small laundry room. Make the laundry storage tower design straightforward to avoid making the space feel congested. Instead of limiting storage with upper shelving, stacked washer and dryer sets offer room for lower side shelves. Reserving low shelves for commonly used things will make them accessible.



Utilize the Entire Available Area

It’s in your best interest to make the most of the space you have, whether your laundry room is small or you have plenty of room to work with. Place laundry supplies on a shelf immediately above the machines for convenient access, conceal little and random items in drawers, and keep cleaning supplies in lower cabinets. For hanging objects to dry, install various wall hooks or under-cabinet rods. The shelves of upper cabinets can reach the ceiling and accommodate bulk purchases of things like extra-large rolls of toilet paper or paper towels.


Clean Appearance of Room is Important

Laundry can seem like an endless labour, and that’s exactly how it is. Yet making a clutter-free, peaceful laundry room might help make the job seem less onerous. Make sure your supplies are as well-organized as you can, even if they are already concealed behind cabinet doors. To organise items into groups, use complementing containers, and add descriptive labels so that anyone loading a truck will know exactly where everything is. Choose bins with handles so they are simple to pull down, especially for those on upper shelves.

Turn Things Up

The washer and dryer are frequently found in older homes’ kitchens, which is not ideal because keeping clean laundry and fresh food together might be unhygienic. Consider the following alternatives if your home doesn’t have a dedicated laundry room: Use an under-utilised closet or remodel a tiny sunroom. While you’ll probably need to hire a plumber, you can avoid a large home remodel and keep your laundry room out of the way.

One of the most adaptable organising solutions on the market is a multi-tier rolling cart. Make the top tier your go-to spot for goods like detergent, dryer sheets, and stain removers. Further down can be added items like bleach and washer cleaner that are less frequently used. When you’re working, you can roll the trolley somewhere out of the way.

Intelligent Laundry Room Storage

A clever concept seamlessly combines a laundry room with a hobbies area. In this cheerful multi-purpose room, a front-loading washing, dryer, and utility sink are neatly arranged along one wall. Supplies for crafts and laundry can be stored in upper cabinets in a variety of ways. A central table is useful for both crafting and for folding clothes.

This smart solution will enable you to smuggle in an ironing board if your laundry room lacks a door and you have a restricted amount of space. The ironing board can be concealed and kept in a wall corner. Put it next to an outlet for the iron itself and in a location where you will have space to extend the board. To store supplies like spray bottles and lint rollers, add a couple shallow shelves.

Utilise Drawers in Appliances

Some washer and dryer manufacturers kindly include storage drawers in the appliance’s base. If your laundry room is small and you’re looking for a new washer and dryer, keep this feature in mind. Maximize the use of a small area. A few laundry room storage shelves, either for supplies or décor, can help you make the most of a tiny space.

Simple-Care Kits

Organize laundry room materials in adorable storage containers that are simple to clean up if anything leaks or spills. Other laundry and household goods should be labelled and arranged by kind in appealing containers so you can find things easily. Use jars or cups to collect smaller materials inside the containers.

Renovate bare walls

To save crucial floor space, hang an ironing board on a section of empty wall or the back of the laundry room door. A simple solution for a small laundry room is to mount an ironing board holder to the wall. Wall-mount holders assemble quickly. This resourceful laundry room storage concept uses every square inch strategically.

Minimalist Laundry Closet

There may not be enough space for a full-sized laundry room in certain condos, apartments, and tiny houses. Try this laundry room storage concept in those kinds of areas. This pair of stackable washers and dryers utilise the neighbouring cabinets for storage and are concealed in a little closet off the kitchen.


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