Clothes generally get much more attention simply because their state or condition is often a matter of public display. Dry cleaners in Manchester tend to focus mainly on these visible clothing items; however, The Laundryman goes the extra mile. Our duvet and bed linen services in Manchester aim to ensure that your night-time (or even day-time) stay in bed is just as comfortable as wearing your well-laundered clothes.

The Laundryman boasts a wider range of services than other dry cleaners in Manchester. It doesn’t just end there. Our services also boast high-quality performance using top-of the range laundry techniques, equipment and a highly qualified staff complement that collectively has decades of dry cleaning experience. We cater to every need that involves laundry services in Manchester, from basic dry cleaning, fluff and folds, stain removals, and clothes repairs. Therefore, this caters to all needs under one roof without having to hustle around to different service providers. Several key features do The Laundryman the ultimate dry cleaning service in Manchester, such as our convenient door-to-door services, which enable you to order any service online and enjoy home collections and deliveries. At the same time, you attend to your other important business. Unique service offers also make us stand out, such as this amazing duvet and bed linen laundry service in Manchester. Our services are also very affordable with competitive pricing that is better than any of our competitors yet still retaining high quality work performance on every job. With such a dedicated team, no job is too hard, and you are guaranteed to get it done and delivered on time every time without any undue inconveniences. You also get to enjoy swift laundry services in Manchester with our popular same-day dry cleaning service in times of emergencies. We also strive to maintain our quality and reliability reputation so that you always have a friendly and convenient laundry service in Manchester whenever you need it!