We, as human beings, like to hold things that are dear to us closely. Some things, like favourite outfits, cannot remain wearable due to improper fitting or wear and tear. But since these outfits are dear to us, it isn’t easy to throw them away. So, we look for ways to repair these clothes. This is precisely why The Laundry Cleaning Centre has introduced its alteration and repair services in Camden, in the northwest of London, to preserve your garments and prolong the useful life of your wardrobe.

So, the next time you rip a shirt your love to wear, or break a zip on your favourite jeans, or need to shorten the length of the skirt you love or widen the waistband of your skirt, you don’t have to throw or give away the clothes you love wearing. You don’t even have to feel sad about it!
Give us a chance instead. Bring your damaged clothes to The Laundry Cleaning Centre, and our expert team of tailors will repair your clothes for you.

Collection and Delivery Service
If you don’t have the time and need us to collect your clothes, download our Laundryman App app to place your order. We will collect your clothes at your preferred location and deliver them back as soon as they are fixed at the site you choose.

Don’t be sad if you have spent your money on a suit or a special outfit that doesn’t fit as it should, and we have a team that has experience in managing all kinds of fabrics. They can make your clothes fit comfortably. Give us your clothes, and we will repair them to look good on you and increase their wearability.

Repairing Clothes is Good For Environment
Repairing old clothes is also beneficial to the environment as there are fewer clothes in the landfills. This is sustainable as it helps to reduce greenhouse gases by 24%. Isn’t it a great way to help protect our planet and to keep it clean and safe?
Do not overthink it! Our repair and alteration option is right there on your phone. Try it once and if you like it (as we are sure you will), use it whenever you need it.
You can also come in and try your altered clothes because we provide private fitting rooms in all our branches across the UK. You will be satisfied with our fast turnaround!

Friendly Customer Service
At the Laundryman App, we take care of any alterations that need to be done on your clothes. You only have to input your data and send it to us. If you want to be there in person, you are most welcomed. Our employees will listen to any request you have. You can add your own personal touch and clear any misunderstanding for better fitting!