Specialist Laundry & Cleaning Services in London | The Laundryman App

The Laundryman App is here to provide you with information about some of the best specialist Laundry & Cleaning Services in London that offer pick-up and delivery services. These laundry cleaning centres ensure that your clothes get the best possible care. So if you live in the UK, here are some launderers and cheap dry cleaners you can order a laundry cleaning service from. The Laundry Cleaning Centre is one of these laundry services.

The Laundryman App

The Laundryman App is a dry cleaning and laundry service that continuously improves and introduces more and more facilities to make your laundry experience a good one. Your clothes are treated with nothing less than the best quality products, and their service is very professional. They collect, clean, and deliver your clothes at the location and time that you choose according to your convenience. Their laundry services are available in Harrogate, Manchester, and other cities.

The Laundry Cleaning Centre

The Laundry Cleaning Service is partnered with The Laundryman App. This launderette offers excellent services and ensures a quality experience. You can order online to get your laundry collected and delivered to you. They provide free pick-up and delivery services. If you are looking for any dry cleaning service near me in Leeds, The Laundry Cleaning Centre is the place to go. They promise the best treatment for your clothes that will leave them smelling fresh. The Laundry Cleaning Center is actively working in Harrogate, Leeds, Birmingham, and Manchester.

Soap Box

SoapBox has almost a hundred washers and dryers in different sizes. While they provide laundry delivery the same day, they also have a self-service facility. The customers who prefer self-service are given loyalty points. These loyalty points benefit them for future washes.

They also provide washing and folding services before delivery.


London is a vibrant city with a lot of rush and a lot of facilities. For Laundry & Cleaning Services in London, UK, Love2Laundry is the right place. Love2Laundry makes your work simple and provides you with customized service, making your work more comfortable and efficient. Their services can help to make your clothes look cleaner and fresher for longer. This means your clothes will last longer!


Ihateironing is a brand providing laundry services in London. This service simply required you to book with them and have your clothes picked up and dropped off in top most quality within 24 hours. It is a convenient Launderette for people with busy schedules. It is sure not to disappoint you if you wish to trust it with your clothes.


This dry cleaning service assures quality and reliability. It has quick and easy service. It ensures you get the best quality wash for your clothes, even in your busiest schedule! The best thing about BestatLaundry is that its laundry services come at an affordable cost compared to other places in the market. This launderette provides services in London.

Master Dry Cleaner

This dry cleaning provides a lot of services, including wedding dress cleaning and dry curtain cleaning. It also offers commercial dry cleaning. So if you have some heavy clothes which need washing, the laundryman best app Manchester suggests this place! Master Dry Cleaner has years of industry experience, so no doubt, it will make sure the customers are satisfied with their work. They have services like Invisible Mending and Shoe Repair too. Consider all your wearables fixed if you wish to invest in them.

Pristine Dry Cleaners

This dry cleaning service is located in London, UK. They claim to clean to a standard, not a price. Their services include same-day dry cleaning, laundry and shirt cleaning, alterations, and repairs. They also have cleaning services for household items, meaning they are equipped with products and machinery to wash duvets and curtains. Pristine Dry Cleaners provide shoe repair services too.

White Rose Laundries

White Rose Laundries provide excellence as a standard. This launderette offers dry cleaning and laundry service in London. They provide a pick-up and delivery service for your clothes and return them within 24 hours. They have a highly skilled team that takes pride in cleaning your clothes thoroughly and having them returned to you in pristine conditions. Their services include washing, dry cleaning, ironing, and folding. We put our trust in them, and we assure you that you can too.

Mums Dry Cleaners

This dry cleaning service cares for your clothes as they would care for their own. They have several branches all over London. They can launder and dry clean your clothes, alter or repair any tear or change the length of your clothes as you wish. They provide ironing and folding services, too.

Miracle Dry Cleaning And Laundry

Their services provide dry cleaning, as well as alterations and repairs in your clothes. Their laundry services provide hand-finished cleaning. They will also clean your wedding dresses. Best of all, their facilities offer free delivery! They ensure quality cleaning and productive life by saving your laundry time. They are committed to growing by investing more and more in their technology and products. They provide perfect cleaning for all kinds of fabrics.

These are some of the best Laundry & Cleaning Services in London in the UK; they will help you save a lot of time by taking your precious clothes’ utmost care. Their services are perfect for busy families or anyone who has a lot on their hands. The Laundryman Best App hopes their services satisfy you to the maximum.