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Daily wear does not only include uniforms but also t-shirts or dress shirts. Depending on a person’s style the kind of clothes they wear everyday vary. However, undergarments and socks are products that we wear every day and need immediate washing. If we use harsh methods or carelessly wash these garments of daily use their quality can quickly deteriorate. This can be easily avoided if we use some techniques to wash these clothes so they can look new and smell fresh no matter how many times you wear and wash them!

The Laundry Cleaning Centre is here to tell you how to keep your clothes looking as new as ever!
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Best Way to Wash Dress Shirts

Pay close attention to collar inside. This is where stains from lotion or cosmetics on the skin can appear. Wash them as soon as possible, especially before putting the shirts in the closet.

Avoid using dryers since they will damage the fabric’s fibres, causing the garment to shrink and deteriorate faster than necessary.

Dry by air instead, on hangers. The hanger’s breadth shouldn’t be wider than the shoulders of the shirt. Make sure the shirt’s shoulders are properly positioned on the hanger, and tug the fabric slightly to prevent wrinkles to make ironing easier. She advises leaving space between hangers while keeping them in the closet so that the pressed shirts stay smooth.

Wash Delicate Items by Hand

Always start by reading the care label for instructions. If your clothing is marked with the hand wash emblem, which shows a hand in a tub of water, follow the manual washing guidelines listed below. Avoid washing it at home if the label specifies “dry-clean only.” If the item is marked on the label only as “dry-clean,” you might want to give hand washing a try. Verify a tiny, discrete part of the garment to see if the fabric is colorfast before you hand wash it.

Care must be used with certain unusual and delicate fabrics. Hand washing frequently helps some garments like delicate lingerie, wool sweaters, and silk blouses keep their colour and form in the best health. Whatever fabric you need to clean, the first step is to always check the care label.

Water should be poured into a small tub or sink and heated to the setting suggested on the care instructions. If there is no care label, go with cool to lukewarm water. Add a teaspoon or so of detergent. If you are washing several large things by hand, you might require more detergent. Soak the item in soapy water after submerging it. Swish the object around the sudsy water using gentle strokes. Avoid touching or twisting the fabric because these acts might stretch or harm it. Until the object is clean, gently swish it in the sudsy water. Fill the tub or sink with cool rinse water after draining it. Until all soap has been gone, raise and lower the item in the water.

Pack Your Clothes Neatly

Be sure to pack your dress shirt properly before putting them in your closet.

The best way to do that is to first close all of the shirt buttons. To support the collar and keep it in shape, insert a plastic or cardboard band, such as the kind that comes inside brand-new shirts from the store or the dry cleaners. Place a piece of paper or tissue paper on the back of the shirt, front-side down, and fold it, this step is to avoid creases. To maintain the clothes in good shape, use soft cases. Alternate the directions in which the shirts are piled to compactly pack all of the shirts.

T-shirts stay fluffy when folded. To prevent more creases, folding the sleeves toward the back and then folding the T-shirt in half once crosswise is a good method. K eeping them on the shelf in a thin stack not only helps you look more organised but also clears out the space in your closet. Avoid hanging your t-shirts since doing so causes ugly hanger marks and strains them; cotton t-shirts, for example, can expand by an inch simply due to gravity.

A Laundry Centre Near You Can Help

It is challenging to manage this task alongside other crucial ones in your hectic lifestyle. Making time for washing is a challenge when you only have two days off per week. However, your task has become simpler as of late. The Laundry Cleaning Centre offers fantastic dry cleaning and laundry services close to me in Leeds and Cheshire, UK! Therefore, if you live in Leeds, Cheshire, or any other city of the UK, your laundry problems are over! Whether you need to order a laundry cleaning service near me or a dry cleaning service, you can go to one of the many dry cleaners that The Laundryman App suggests.

The staff at these laundry centres is experienced and diligent. They check the care label of your clothes before taking any action to clean them. This ensures that all of your garments receive the care they deserve and no clothes are wasted due to poor cleaning methods.