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When was the last time you had enough time to do your laundry with peace and contentment? In your busy lifestyle, it is hard to manage this task along with other important ones. Our of the two days off you get in a week, making time for laundry is a difficult task. Now, however, you work has been made easier. The Laundry Cleaning Centre operates near me in Leeds and Cheshire, UK, to provide you with excellent dry cleaning and laundry services! So if you are a resident in Leeds or Cheshire, your laundry worries have come to an end!


The Laundryman App

The Laundryman App is a dry cleaning and laundry service that is continuously improving and introducing more and more facilities to make your laundry experience a good one. Your clothes are treated with nothing less than the best quality products, and their service is very professional. They collect, clean, and deliver your clothes at the location and time that you choose according to your convenience. Their laundry services are available in Harrogate, Manchester, Leeds and other cities.

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The Laundry Cleaning Centre

The Laundry Cleaning Service is partnered with The Laundryman App. This launderette offers excellent services and ensures a quality experience. You can order online to get your laundry collected and delivered to you. They provide free pick-up and delivery services. If you are looking for any dry cleaning service near me in Leeds, The Laundry Cleaning Centre is the place to go. They promise the best treatment for your clothes that will leave them smelling fresh. The Laundry Cleaning Center is actively working in Cheshire, Harrogate, Leeds, Birmingham, London and Manchester.

Here are a few dry cleaners near me in Leeds and Cheshire other than The Laundry Cleaning Centre that provide laundry service in your area:

Leeds Road Laundry

Leeds Road Laundry provides a variety of cleaning services, including both domestic and commercial laundry. They can pick up your garments and deliver them back to you the same day. You can also utilise their free internet while you’re at the laundromat! They clean work clothes for which they have particular agreements with the firm. They also clean sportswear in addition to regular laundry. Their laundry service also offers ironing and dry cleaning services. Their costs are really reasonable.

Johnson Cleaners

A drive-in laundry service is available at Johnson Cleaners. This cleaning agency offers dry cleaning, washing, and ironing services. Johnson Cleaners can help with cleaning rugs, carpets, duvets, and curtains, among other things. They’re also well-equipped to clean goods that need special attention, such as wedding gowns and leather jackets.

This cleaning service has taken a huge step forward in that their laundry service is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, creating a better planet! So, if you’re interested in getting your clothing clean while also helping the environment, this laundry service near me is the way to go. If you request it, Johnson Cleaners will send your items for free within 24 hours.

Impressed Laundry

Impressed Laundry is a reputable laundry and dry cleaning service in Leeds, United Kingdom, that provides prompt and high-quality services. They make certain to remove any persistent stains from your garments that traditional procedures have failed to eradicate! They offer both residential and business laundry services. Impressed Laundry has years of experience working with nursing homes, hotels, schools, and other public and private sector institutions. By contacting them through their website, you can take advantage of their dry cleaning services near me in Leeds.


Cheshire Elite Laundry

Cheshire Elite Laundry is a professional laundry service in Cheshire, England. Cheshire Elite Laundry provides the highest quality ironing in the county. Duvet washing is another one of their services. They look after your garments and make sure they’re as clean as new when they return them! They also offer laundry and dry cleaning as part of their services. You can rely on their services and people because their customer service is excellent.

Allons Dry Cleaning

This dry cleaning service prides itself on its efficiency, same-day delivery, and customer service. Their cleaning service includes dry cleaning, laundry, and ironing, giving you everything you need in one convenient package. Their services also include alterations and repairs. Wedding gowns, drapes, suede, and leather outfits are among their specialties. They also offer a laundry pick-up and delivery service, and they return your clothing within 24 hours.


London Dry Cleaners

One Stop

Despite the pandemic in Cheshire, this laundry and dry cleaning business is completely operational and offers contactless collection and delivery of your garments. All you have to do is schedule a pickup and delivery time on their website, and you’ll have clean clothes in a day or two! They offer the same services as any other laundromat. They can also clean your sneakers if necessary. They have the necessary products to clean objects such as duvets, curtains, and bedding. Their dry cleaning service is eco-friendly, which is another reason to choose this location for your clothing needs.


Hartford Dry Cleaners 

Hartford Dry Cleaners was established in 1982 and now has built a great reputation in the laundry market of Cheshire and the whole UK. We have years of experience in hand, along with the continuous guidance of Tony Wilson, who has worked for over 50 years in the trade. Now working as Cheshire’s finest specialist dry cleaners, we provide expert advice about taking care of different types of fabrics and treating stubborn types of stains.

These are some of the best launderettes and dry cleaning services near me Cheshire. The Laundry Cleaning Centre, partnered with The Laundryman App, has chosen the laundry and dry cleaning services near me in Leeds and Cheshire with the best reviews and customer feedback. All you need to do is make an order online and these centres will provide you with delivery services for your laundry. They will make sure your work is made easy, and you receive clean clothes without facing any hassle. So you can work through your busy schedule with one less task to worry about!