What Happens If I Wash a Dry Clean Only Blanket

What Happens If I Wash a Dry Clean Only Blanket – Laundry Shop Design, Ideas, And Renovation | The Laundry Cleaning Centre

Blankets- What would we do without them? Is there anything more comforting than an evening snuggled in your favorite blanket with a hot drink in hand? Admit it; your blanket was there for you when no one else was, it was your friend when you had that heartbreak and needed to cry, or when you were awake all night imagining impossible scenarios after a great date. Who is there waiting to provide comfort when you come home after an exhausting day? Or to chill with you on a lazy day off? That’s right, your blanket! Your companion, your all-weather friend (except summer, but hey, Joseph Gordon-Levitt survived without summer in his life, and so shall we!)

Washing your blankets:

So now that we have established that blankets are the most incredible invention humans ever came up with – those who keep arguing that it was fire are welcome to cuddle with their partners in a blaze; we’ll continue to use blankets, thank you very much! – what happens when they need something from us? Bear with me now, imagine it got dirty because you spilled some sauce on it on your lazy day or spilled some wine on that crazy night you had with your friends, or it’s just been too long since it was cleaned, and basic human decency compels you to do something about it.

We all know that most of us will look up “laundry service near me. “on google and give our blankets the love and care they deserve. Good on you, decent people. May you live long and prosper. I mean, it is rational; it’s there on the washing label! Yet, it is a cruel world we live in, friends; there are still some people who will toss their blanket directly into the washing machine and then cry tears of regret afterward. So, for those of you who commit this crime against blankets out of ignorance, here is why you should NEVER wash your dry clean only blankets:

It will ruin the fabric of your blanket:

Blankets are made from different fabrics. Washing your fabrics in a washing machine, depending on the type of fabric, can cause a wide range of issues. The most common problem is that it compromises the integrity of the material and makes it more prone to wear and tear. Some fabrics can even shrink upon being washed, and some might lose their color.

It also might make it lose its insulating properties, which means it will lose its ability to provide you warmth, the only warmth you had when that covid lockdown cut you off from all your loved ones.

It exempts the manufacturer from responsibility:

The manufacturers put washing labels on their products for a reason. If they have put a washing label, it means that it has not been tested enough to guarantee its integrity will hold in a washing machine. They recommend that you follow the laundry guide and get it dry cleaned. You washing it just exempts them from all responsibility.

Most of us lack the equipment to do so:

Even if you plan to wash your dry clean only blankets -please don’t- most of us lack the tools to do so. If you put them in a small machine, the blanket might damage your machine with its mass. If you put the blanket in a giant machine, it is almost guaranteed to hurt the integrity of the fabric. Drying it afterward in a dryer? Sure, but be ready to say goodbye to the sweet insulation it provided you from the cold soul-less world out there.

What should you do instead?

Now, hopefully, this has been informative, and you have learned the error of your ways. What can you do instead? Most of you will google ‘laundry service near me.’ That is what I used to do as well. What if I tell you there is a better way? Let me introduce you to The LaundryMan App!

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