Often times we do not know the difference between different fabrics and their needs, hence we are unable to take proper care of them. If you buy an expensive top and take good care of it you might end up wearing the top plenty of times and it will be worth the money that you spent on it. But if you do not take proper care of your clothes, the same top that could have lasted a few years in your closet in good condition, will barely make it a year before you will have to throw it away.

In our busy schedules, it is difficult to take care of everyday things like laundry, and it is even more difficult to spend time learning the perfect way to wash, clean and pack your laundry. But you must not worry anymore, because we, at the Laundry Cleaning Center, are experts at taking care of all types of clothes. Tops are no exceptions, of course! We separate your tops into categories.

The categories are simple, but they provide us with accurate information so that we can treat your clothes perfectly. We can choose to wash using water or to dry-clean depending on the material of the top. The colours are also appropriately separated as we do not want a colour leak to occur. You can trust us with all your tops.

Other than cleaning your shirts, an important need for your outfits is quick alterations and repair. Sometimes we lose or gain weight, and our clothes don’t fit us properly anymore. In times like these, instead of discarding your favourite shirt or giving it away, you can simply get it altered!

If you want to alter or repair your shirts, the service is available at The Laundryman App in Richmond Upon Thames, in the outer borough of London, UK. Our hardworking tailors provide you the perfect fit according to the measurements you provide. Now no shirt is a waste. Any old or new shirt that does not fit you perfectly can be altered to make it seem as fresh as ever!

In today’s modern world, we opt for the most suitable products and services in every aspect of life. There is absolutely no reason to compromise when it comes to your laundry! Clothes are an essential part of our lives, and they can either make your day or break it. Your outfit plays an important role in boosting your confidence. If you do not look good, there is a possibility that you might not feel good either.

Do not hesitate! We are at your service. Download our app and you will have nothing to worry about. Your clothes will be as fresh as new at your doorstep at your convenience. We work for the comfort of our clients. You will be rocking your outfits and your confidence with the Laundryman App.