The Laundryman App offers its customers a wide range of services, including alteration & repair in Lambeth. Our team of professionals carries out custom repair and alteration to customers specific requirements for their clothes. From shortening trousers length to zip repair and button replacement, we do it all.

You can also come in and try your altered clothes because we provide private fitting rooms in all our branches across the UK. You will be satisfied with our fast turnaround.

An invisible reweaving or mending is an extremely skilled and special technique for repairing damaged clothes. This technique requires taking each thread from the hem, seam or other parts from the same type of garment and reweaving them over the problem area to make as it was before the damage. This method of repair is ideal for cigarette burns, accidental tears in clothes, and moth holes.

Re-stitching buttons, trimming pants, pulling in a dress, or changing the hem of a jacket are all options. We present attractive and good customisation, adjustments, and repair and maintenance service in Wilmslow to meet your needs.

You might not find a laundry service as good as this in Lambeth, UK. We take care of all of your clothes’ needs. You can get your clothes washed, dry cleaned, ironed, folded, altered or repaired. Just select the service that you want from our app called The Laundryman App, and our rider will provide you free pickup and delivery service!
We work to provide the citizens of the UK some convenience and extra time to relax or spend time with their family. And we take care of your clothes like our own. Now no dress or shirt will be too loose or too tight, it will fit you like a glove according to the measurements that you provide us!
A typical misconception regarding tailoring is that it is costly and time-consuming. However, getting your clothes properly changed and mended is not only a simple procedure, but it is also a cost-effective way to update your wardrobe. Our tailors do small miracles, mending or adjusting practically anything at all to make it right for you, and they don’t even take long to do it!

If you are dissatisfied with the laundry or dry cleaning, please let us know. It’s quick! In less than 24 hours, we pick up, wash, and deliver. Our work and laundry cleaning centre is clean and more environmentally friendly. We design our projects keeping the ecosystem in mind. There are no toxic chemicals. We provide excellent quality of work. We put in a lot of effort to make sure the garments you get back are immaculate and ready to wear. We try our best to form good relations with our customers by doing our best job!