More often than not, we try to search for the best ways to treat our clothes. Of course, we invest a lot of time and money setting up a wardrobe, and we all have that one favourite outfit we love wearing.

However, it is very easy to become careless sometimes and ruin our clothes because we did not know the right way to clean them or care for them. The Laundryman App, UK, has mentioned the importance of reading your clothes’ care labels many times. However, the care labels are often only printed with some symbols that may be a little hard to understand. The care label of the clothes you buy tells you all you need to know about your purchased fabric. Care labels will tell you whether you should dry, clean your clothes, iron them, wash them in a washing machine.

Most clothes that require dry cleaning only either get lost in the pile of laundry or due to the lack of time get washed along with other regular clothes. This is because often lack the equipment or do not know how to dry clean clothes. But have no worry, The Laundry Cleaning Centre is in Lambeth and will clean all of your dry clean only clothes for you!

Our goal is to make cleaning as easy as possible. Orders can be processed easily with just a few taps on our app called The Laundryman App.

We take our job very seriously. Our team comprises people who have worked in the dry-cleaningindustry for most of their careers. They are trained in handling all types of fabrics. No stain is tootough for us. We use high-quality detergents and solvents to remove stubborn stains. Other than washing clothes to perfection. We provide ironing, alteration, repair, duvet and bed linen cleaning, steam ironing, and much more. No job is difficult for us.

The Laundryman App, partnered with The Laundry Cleaning Centre is delighted to provide the best dry cleaning and laundry services in Lambeth, where we take pride in offering superior cleaning service. We strive to provide the finest service possible to our clients, with a 24-hour turnaround time.

We assist customers who require just a few shirts to be dry cleaned and ironed, all the way up to clients who require weekly cleaning and pressing of entire bags of clothes. We can accommodateyour laundry load, no matter how big or small it is, and in any time frame, you desire. You may count on us to clean and iron your shirts to prepare for significant events or merely wear them to your job each day.