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As the coronavirus epidemic is on the rise, it is inducing a sense of fear amongst everyone. For all of us, the main priority nowadays is to make sure everything around us is clean and germ-free. One of the most important things that we worry about is our clothes. When dealing with our laundry, a lot of important questions arise in our minds. For instance; how do we make sure our clothes are germ-free? If our clothes are exposed to the virus, How Long Can Corona Virus Survive On Clothes?

The Laundryman App, UK, is here to answer some of your queries regarding COVID-19.

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The first thing that concerns a lot of people is if coronavirus can be transmitted through clothes, towels, or other such material. As far as research goes, the virus is less likely to spread from soft surfaces as compared to hard surfaces that are frequently touched. This means that if your clothes are exposed to the virus, the fabric might not be a transmitting factor, but the hard buttons on the clothes or a zip could spread the virus.

The next problem that we encounter is how long does the virus stays on our clothes and what are measures we should take to disinfect our clothes. According to research, the virus can last on certain surfaces for almost 72 hours (3 days). Another important thing is that the virus cannot survive in the heat. So an important method to kill off the germs from your clothes or any other textile material is to expose them to high temperatures or to keep them out in the sun in a clean environment.

Cleaning your clothes in a Laundromat

If you need to get your clothes cleaned from a Laundromat anywhere in the UK, some of the precautions you could take are:

  • Do not enter the laundry room when there are already a few people inside
  • Sort your laundry before you go so you do not spend a lot of time there
  • Fold your clothes after you come back home to avoid touching many surfaces at the laundry service.
  • Wipe the machine handle and buttons with a clean wipe to sanitize them.

There are many Laundromats in the UK where you could give your clothes for cleaning and ask them to disinfect your clothes too thoroughly. For ease, you could order a laundry pick-up and delivery service on The Laundryman App, so you do not have to leave your home either.

If you choose to do your laundry yourself, you need to wash your clothes like you usually would simply. The only minor change that you will need to make is to dry your clothes at a high t3emperature to ensure that they are disinfected.

Drying your clothes at a high temperature

When drying your clothes, make sure to dry them at a temperature as high as 133 F, because the  Corona Virus Survive On Clothes cannot survive at that temperature. When you come back home, for your peace of mind, you can change your clothes and let them dry under the sun. Sanitize your hands and take a quick shower for extra measures.

Although your laundry cleaning service is equipped to handle your laundry amidst the pandemic, it is always nice to have your options open. During a worrying and troublesome time, The Laundry Cleaning Center and the Laundryman App are here to make one of your problems easier.

However, the virus does not necessarily spread through inanimate objects as much as it spreads because of close contact. The virus can not spread from person to person if they are at a six feet distance. So the biggest weapon we have against this pandemic is social distancing. And the best way to do that is to stay at home and limit going out for only very important things.