Are you tired of spending your time and effort carefully cleaning your delicate clothes? Are you looking for someone to take this burden off of your shoulders? Well, we are here to do exactly that! In our Laundryman App, you also have the option to choose to dry-clean.

You might be wondering that dry-cleaning your clothes is a waste of time and money. But you can never be more wrong! The reasons why dry-cleaning is so popularly promoted are as follows. Firstly, dry-cleaning is a more delicate way of cleaning your flimsy clothes or those that cannot withstand traditional washing. It uses a solvent that is even lighter than water. As a result, it reaches all parts of your clothes without affecting them. Get rid of any foul smell with dry cleaning!

On top of that, if the weather is hot or you have been sweating in some clothes, it is better to dry-clean them more often than to wash them with water. In that way, it increases the longevity of your clothes and allows you to wear them more often and for a longer period as well! Dry-cleaning does not affect the fabric of your clothes and will enable them to keep their original health. They will remain shiny, fresh, and good-looking for as long as you want. Dry-cleaning also removes any stubborn stain!

At the dry-cleaning, we separate all your clothes based on the fabric they are made of. You might know that cloth such as silk, wool, leather suede, and a couple of others are very sensitive to traditional washing. These are precisely the types of fabric that are more suitable for dry-cleaning. It is essential to separate them and to identify any clothes that might have a color leak. We prevent this sort of accident from happening.

Our services include pickup and delivery. Dry-cleaning is also highly recommended for any rugs or carpets you may have. Since we pick them up for you, you do not have to worry about lifting the weight of any mat and washing them! Our employees take care of all that for you. At any time that is convenient for you, we will be at your doorstep. Our prices are included in the Laundryman App. We also have our contact info in case you need us.

Just one click, and your clothes and carpets will be taken care of! Download the app now and enjoy your free time!