Bedsheets, covers, comforters, pillows, blankets, and many others are very difficult to wash and clean. They are very bulky, first of all, and thus take much effort and time to clean and dry. This is truly a burden on most of our clients. One mistake that most people make is to wash traditionally rather than signing up for dry-cleaning. Traditional washing, meaning washing with soap and water, actually makes the wet sheets and all a vulnerable place for molds and mildew colonies.

As they have a lot of material, these items should be dry-cleaned instead and because dry-cleaning makes them last longer by not affecting their original fabric. They also look fresher and cleaner that way! Dry-cleaning beddings and duvet is a fast process as it takes care of the drying as well. This way of cleaning also prevents them from shagging, which often occurs with traditional cleaning.

You might ask yourself; what benefits are there to dry-clean your beddings and duvet? And how often should I be washing them? Well, let us answer this question for you. Cleaning them, as we all know, gets rid of germs and bacteria. Cleaner bedding also feels more comfortable and is less harsh to your skin. If germs are accumulated, and the beddings are not washed regularly, they can also cause break-outs in most people as we expose our skin to a dirty environment. Cleaning your beddings often also puts you in a good mood and increases your productivity by 30%.

Materials that are better for bed sheets are silk, Egyptian cotton, Supima, and Pima. These materials are incredibly soft and do damage our skin or hair. For pillowcases, the best fabrics are cotton, nylon, silk, linen, and satin. If you suffer from highly static hair, you might want to change the material of your pillowcases. Satin and silk help reduce static on hair.

Our prices for bedding and duvet are also highly categorized for transparency. We hope that this way helps you choose the service that you like the best. All of the services are available at an affordable price. You just need to download our app, The Laundryman App. Input your data, and we will take care of anything you need. Our experts have made it easy to use the Laundryman App. We hope to put a smile on your face soon!