Day to day activities can be pretty hectic, especially for energetic people. As such, it’s pretty common to hunt around for dry cleaners in Manchester at the end of the day that can deal with the mess that may have affected your attire. The Laundryman, however, goes beyond these essential laundry services in Manchester. Our team understands the hazards of the workplace and of many other activities that tend to damage clothes. As a result, clients also get to enjoy convenient alteration and repair services in Manchester in addition to our cleaning services.

Imagine the horror of running your favourite outfit to the extent that it becomes noticeable to anyone who looks your way. Such an experience can easily ruin your mood. Luckily for you, the Laundryman has your back! We offer our alteration and repair service in Manchester to anyone in dire need. The service, just like the regular laundry service, comes with convenient and affordable features such as home collections and deliveries just in case you have a busy schedule. Our same day service can also be a life-saver where the damaged clothing item is needed ASAP. Have you gained or lost a bit of weight recently for whatever reason, such as illness, dieting or even pregnancy? If yes, fitting into your old clothes can turn out to be a challenge. Even if you do manage to put them on, the reality is that they probably no longer fit you as well as they used to. Once again, the laundryman can assist swiftly with a professional alterations service available across or facilities in Manchester. Our expert fashion team can alter your clothes for a perfect fit that is guaranteed to restore your confidence entirely!