How we all wished we could have our private tailor, or at least we knew how to stitch. On top of having to learn how to stitch and finding time to stitch our clothes, we cannot make it work, especially in our busy daily schedule. Our time could also be better spent elsewhere. Well, you do not have to worry about anything anymore.

The Laundryman App also has the option of alteration & repair. Now, why would we add such an option, or why should you choose such an option? Well, during research that was carried out, this was among the highest demands that came in. As you know, at The Laundryman App, we aim to please, and our clients are treated like kings and queens as your opinions matter a lot to us. It is by listening and tending to your requests that we better our company daily. You just need to download the laundryman app and input your details. Please send it to us, and that is it! If you prefer, you can also call us or email us to set a time and date when you will come to our center for the alteration and repair. In this way, you get to add your personal touch to your clothes. Our employees are very experienced, and they will quickly make whatever you have in mind a reality.

Alteration of any kind, from shortening a sleeve to bringing in the waist or repairing any tear, our tailors and sewists will handle anything. Your clothes are guaranteed to come out more detailed and more fitting as well! Anyone knows that clothes that are more fitting to one’s morphology just make you feel good and confident. It has been proven that someone who wears an outfit they feel satisfied in increases efficiency at work by 20% and explores more in life. In general, they just do better. And the feeling of looking good, confident, and doing good cannot be topped by anything! The euphoria is fantastic.

You are getting your clothes repaired to allow them to be used for a more extended period. Your money and clothes do not go to waste! On top of this, fewer clothes going to waste is beneficial to the environment by reducing greenhouse gases by 24%. Isn’t it a great way to help our planet and you’re doing so by using less money!

Download The Laundryman App and get the option as soon as possible!