The Laundry Cleaning Centre offers its customers a wide range of services, including alteration & repair in Canary Wharf, located centrally in London. Our team of professionals carries out custom repair and alteration to customer’s specific requirements for their clothes. From shortening trousers length to zip repair and button replacement, we do it all.

You can also come in and try your altered clothes because we provide private fitting rooms in all our branches across the UK. You will be satisfied with our fast turnaround.

An invisible reweaving or mending is an extremely skilled and special technique for repairing damaged clothes. This technique requires taking each thread from the hem, seam, or other parts from the same garment and reweaving them over the problem area to make it as before the damage. This method of repair is ideal for cigarette burns, accidental tears in clothes, and moth holes.

Clothes are a big part of our lives, but they require significant maintenance. We’ve all had moments of misfortune when our expensive dresses or suits got torn or lost some buttons or zips, making them unwearable. Sometimes you put on or lose weight, and your trousers no longer fit you. Some clothes in your closet seem just out of fashion and could have been the go-to dress for you if only they were a bit shorter or longer. And sometimes, there is that piece of clothing, a favorite shirt or a pair of jeans that have just been with you for long, it’s more than just a piece of clothing, it reminds you of a story, a memory, and you do not want to let go of it.

So, the next time you rip a shirt your love to wear, or break a zip on your favourite jeans or need to shorten the length of the skirt you love or widen the waistband of your dress, you don’t have to throw or give away the clothes you love wearing. Give us a chance instead. Bring your damaged clothes into Wilmslow dry cleaning, and our expert team of tailors will repair your clothes for you.

Or if you don’t have the time and need us to collect your clothes. Head to our website to place your order for the collection of your clothes at your preferred location. We will deliver your clothes as soon as they are fixed at the site you choose.

Don’t be sad if you have spent your money on a suit or a special outfit that doesn’t fit as it should, and we have a team that has experience in managing all kinds of fabrics. They can make your clothes fit comfortably. Give us your clothes, and we will repair them to not only look good on you but also increase their wearability.

At the Laundryman App, we take care of any alterations that need to be done on your clothes. You only have to input your data and send it to us. If you want to be there in person, you are most welcomed. Our employees will listen to any request you have. You can add your own personal touch and clear any misunderstanding for better fitting!